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Alligan Algérie has been operational in the Algerian education sector since 2008.  This Algerian registered company, unlike most foreign-owned companies in Algeria, is wholly owned by Alligan (UK).  Alligan Algérie owns and operates the British Institute for English in Algiers. more


In Hyderabad, the mission of the Agha Khan Foundation's Academy is to identify and nurture exceptional young people from any background with the potential to become effective, ethical leaders.  The Agha Khan Foundation was determined to ensure that its Academy featured state-of-the-art facilities and so came to Alligan for advice.  Alligan provided not only the design consultancy for the Academy's furniture and equipment but also advice on how both internal and external spaces could be used innovatively to enhance learning.



Since 2007, Alligan has been working in Libya through its wholly-owned, Libyan registered company, Alligan Libya.  Alligan Libya has successfully completed school improvement projects in State schools across north-west Libya from Zuwara to Misrata.  These projects included importing furniture and equipment that facilitated more interactive styles of teaching and more